Top 10 Reasons to go to SXSW Interactive

  1. Wow your coworkers with the new words you learned like “gamification” (pronounced: game-eh-feh-cay-shin)
  2. Get all sorts of free swag - “Yay! Another free t-shirt that I probably won’t ever wear”
  3. Free beer and food during the entire day – “Would you like a free beer?”  “It’s 9 am.”  “It’s free.”  “Sure.”
  4. Make your friends realize you are even a bigger nerd than they originally thought. – “I saw Matt Cutts, Steve Krug, and Matt Inman!”  “Who?”  “I saw Mike Tyson.”  “Ohhhhhh”
  5. Use twitter as the sole communication tool - “I’m sitting next to @AdvCollector at @mattcutts #sxswi panel #qagb”
  6. Envy all the people who have iPads – “Ohhh… shiny Apple goodness!”
  7. Give you a list of 9 billion things you want to change with your website. – “We must make our site a game like Foursquare!”
  8. Become sick of seeing QR codes EVERYWHERE! (Insert QR Code here to see this list)
  9. Make you self-conscience that you’re not enough of a tech hipster – “Must wear skinny jeans.  Must have Macbook/iPad.  Must wear keds or converse sneakers.”
  10. Make you want to go back to SXSW next year ;)



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