The Rasterbator

First… get your mind out of the gutter… this has nothing to do with what you think it does.  The Rasterbator actually is a pretty cool site/tool that I forgot about until it recently came up in conversation.  Anyways, what it does is it allows you to take any image and turn it into a dot matrix so that you can blow it up across multiple sheets of paper to wall size if you wanted to.  You have two options to use: their online version or download it.  The self-install is better if you have a larger image as it doesn’t have any size restrictions.  I believe you can customize the number of sheets of paper and also if you want it in color or grayscale.  Mostly, we’ve used it for office pranks such as when my former boss’ wife had a baby, we photoshoped one of our co-worker’s heads on a baby body for a congratulations sign.  Or when we photoshoped another co-worker’s head on an image of a person wearing a unitard and the boys put in in the bathroom stalls.

Have fun!


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