What to do when my slingbox dies?

Yes, my slingbox died after 3 years of good service.  Of course, it dies also just as Sling releases a mobile app for Android.  I did hope that my search on multiple forums for possible fixes would work.  The only possible solution was a new adapter to which I purchased and it didn’t work.  I’m holding out though on buying a new one until I hear more about Google TV that is hopefully going to be released by the end of this year.  Word is that the set top box that goes with it, being produced by Logitech, is currently in the hands of the FCC.

So what do I do in the meantime?  Well, luckily, my very large cable and internet bill with Comcast has also the additional benefit of allowing me to access ESPN3 online.  The quality I have to say is pretty nice, although it does fluctuate every now and then, and I don’t believe it’s as clear as the live streams that the PGA and IBM offer during the Masters and the U.S. Open (also available to everyone).  So far, it’s been great to watch March Madness, the World Cup, and the acclaimed 11 hour Wimbledon tennis match while I am at work.  No, that’s not why I have dual monitors and yes, I was like the only person in my office who had to stay at my desk during the USA/Algeria game while everyone else went out to the nearby sports bar to watch it.  Speaking of which, time for me to login for the Germany/Spain game.


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