No DVR yet but finally joined the Netflix bandwagon

Yes, I finally joined Netflix.  I had all intentions of finally using it when I won a contest back in late October/early November last year and with my amazon gift card winnings, I purchased a Playstation 3 because of the fact that it was not also a blu-ray player, but it allowed Netflix streaming.  Fast forward 6 months later and now Netflix is also available to be streamed through the Wii (which I also own) and hence, got the disc and now use.  It is pretty awesome especially when there is nothing on TV and it’s cheap at only $8.99 a month.  My only complaint is that not all their titles are available to be instantly streamed which sucks today more than it did last week because the boys at work got me into this show, Dexter.  I watched the first 2 seasons through instant streaming but while Netflix has season 3, it is only available as a disc.  So now, I have to wait for another DVD that I already had in my queue to come in the mail, watch and return it, so that I can finally get to see the next episode.   I can see now how some people cancel their cable subscriptions completely and only subscribe to Netflix.  I think my friends Tony and Michael would have LOVED this back when we were in college if it existed then because they didn’t have cable and just bought alot of DVDs to watch in their apartment.  This would have opened up their selection and would have been much cheaper.  Unfortunately, my love of sports (especially for teams that are not local) will never get me to ever cancel my cable and thus Netflix will only be something additional.


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