Play and Convert Almost Any Media File

Most people use only Windows Media Player or Quicktime/iTunes for their media playback.  But have you ever received a file like an .avi, .flv, .bin or .cue that you couldn’t get to work?  Well, then you should download VLC Media Player.  It’s open source so it’s free to use, unlike with quicktime you have to purchase the Pro version in order to unlock some of its advanced features.  I’ve been using this program for a number of years now and it’s only gotten better with time since not only does it allow you play almost any media file (audio or video), but it also now allows you to convert files.  (Which yes, if you use Free Music Zilla or other programs to download .flvs from YouTube, you can convert them to .mp3s to put on your iPod or phone.)  It also has a  streaming function that I’ve never tried but I’m sure it works just as well its other features.  Now, it’s not as svelt looking as the other players but does it really matter when it’s does so much?


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