Want your voicemail transcribed for free? Sign up for Google Voice

While it’s not completely open to the public yet, I recommend you request an invite to Google Voice.  What is Google Voice?  Google Voice basically allows you to add services to your mobile phone.  It depends on which of the two options you choose as far as what services you get.

The first option is to you use your existing phone number.  With this option, you get the ability to transcribe your voicemails and have them email and/or texted to you.  You can also forward, embed and download messages too.  You can also vary what voicemail message plays based on the person who is calling you.

The second option offers the same options as the first but much much more.  With this option, you obtain a new Google phone number.  (Don’t worry, your existing phone number will still work as normal)  However, when your friends and family call this new phone number, you can have it ring multiple phones at one time like your cell phone, home land line (although how many people have one of these anymore?), and work.  You can also block and record calls, along with conference calling.

Here is a video for some better explanation:

Be careful though when you first sign up.  I didn’t read the instructions correctly and used my existing phone number.  I wished I had chosen the second option instead and there currently isn’t a way to go back and get a Google number now.  Hopefully, Google updates that soon.

UPDATE:  Apparently, now if you are using a non-Google number, you can get a Google number now.  Go to your Settings and in the Phone tab, hit the “Get a Google Number” link.

Also, the voicemail transcribe isn’t exactly perfect but it does a decent job and I can this being a very handy feature especially in a situation where you are in a crowded/noisy bar or restaurant and can’t hear your voicemail but now you can see the text that your friend who is meeting you is running late.


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