Add imagery to your site with free stock photos

As a web developer, sometimes I have designs that I come up with that need an image to spice things up a bit.  For others who do not share my profession, maybe you want to liven up your home or office with some new photos.  Rather than spend anywhere to spend from $1 to $24 on iStock for a picture, you have a few options.  And no, you can not just rip off photos you find in Google Images.

The first is stock.xchng (  I’ve been using this site for a number of years and usually I’m able to find something that works with the theme I’m going for.

Flickr is also another good site.  You have to check creative licenses and it’s probably best to source the photo if you’re using this site for online purposes.

If you are not going to heed my warning and source from a picture you find a google images, please at least download the image and do not link to it directly from the original source.  For one thing, that person is going to take a bandwidth hit for your traffic.  Should that person can find out that you are sourcing their image, he or she can then change it without you knowing to something inappropriate just to get back at you for doing that.


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