Three Sheets shows you what the locals drink


I’ve been watching this show for a while now and it recently came up in a couple conversations so I thought I would write a post on it since it doesn’t seem that many people know about it.  Anyways, Three Sheets is a show on FLN (Fine Living Network) – it used to be on MojoHD but the channel was canceled and for a while there was a campaign to “Save Three Sheets” while they looked for a new network.  I would have never watched FLN if it weren’t for Three Sheets.  Comcast doesn’t have it in HD but at least they have it.  I actually never watched it while it was on Mojo because I didn’t have an HDTV so I used to watch all the episodes on hulu (which I still do because sometimes I miss the new episodes on Monday night). I was a little worried for the first couple episodes of the 4th season that were the first on FLN because they seemed kind of dry and not as good as the other ones.  I wasn’t sure if the network made them change a couple things but things got better.

Anyways, the host, Zane Lamprey, takes you all over the world showcasing the local drinking customs and usually one hangover cure.  It’s pretty funny and actually, very informative.  After a while you’ll get used to all the lingo like “Ski Patrol” and find out who is Steve McKenna.  There also are apparently a couple drinking games associated with the show like you have to drink everytime his little stuffed beanie baby like monkey, Peepleus, shows on screen.

So yeah, catch new episodes Monday at 10 pm EST and another older one following right after.  They also I believe show two episodes at 10 pm Tuesday through Friday as well.  You can also follow the show on facebook.  Sometimes they like to do contests for the first person to respond to the post with the answer to a question while watching the latest episode.

I’m trying to think of some of my favorite episodes… probably Philippines, Ireland, France, Belgium, Scotland and Saigon.


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