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This is really for people in Atlanta or I guess if you happen to be visiting the area but if you’re looking for a great place to get craft beer (especially in the perimeter) then you need to visit Hop City.  They’ve only been open for about 6 or 7 months I believe and I only recently discovered them about 3 weeks ago.  For the most part, Tower Wine and Spirits on Piedmont was my usual beer store of choice.  Total Wine near Perimeter Mall was another place I would go to every now and then.  Hop City is the best of both those stores because 1) it’s very conveniently located to where I live and 2) they actually allow you to buy single 12 oz bottles so you can create your own six packs.  Everyone at the store is very nice and knowledgeable.  Also, if you homebrew or you’re looking to get into homebrewing, they sell ingredients and equipment there.  I have a few buddies who do so but I have yet to try homebrewing myself.   Hop City also hosts alot of tasting events and today, they actually had a homebrewing workshop which I was able to attend (see a few pictures below).  If you go to the store, make sure you also sign up to be a member so that you can earn points with your purchases and also get on their distro lists.  They’re also on facebook so become a fan so you can keep up with all their events, recommended beers, and the latest stuff they get in the store.

Oh yeah, and if you like wine, they have that too.

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