No DVR? Don’t have the channel? Watch that show on TV Shack

Hulu and Fancast are great sites to catch up on your favorite shows should you miss an episode and don’t have DVR (surprisingly I have not gotten one yet).  But what about shows like Entourage?  Well, here you go.  TV Shack ( not only lets you stream episodes of Entourage and other popular tv shows but they also have streams of many movies that are still out in theaters.  The quality of the streams are hit or miss.  Especially for the new movies, you might be watching someone’s camcorder version that they were able to sneak into the theater and you’ll see the occasional shadow figure of a person who is getting up to go to the bathroom.  Obviously, sites like this are meant to curb the risk of downloading bootleg files from torrent sites like mininova and the pirate bay since they’re streams.  There is a limit though for people who are not registered to I think like 120 minutes.  Meaning, you can watch 120 minutes straight and then it’s going to stop you and make you wait like 45 minutes before you can resume the rest of the video.  If you’re watching a stream less than that, then it doesn’t matter.


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