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Sometimes I am delusional and think that if I stay in my apartment, it will save me from spending on all sorts of random things I desire.  Yeah… that never works considering you can purchase pretty much anything online these days.  Thankfully my complex has changed their packages process making it more convenient for me to pick all of them up at the office (they don’t let deliveries to be dropped off at your door), even though generally I don’t find out until at least a day and a half after they arrive unless I check the tracking.  The older process had me leaving work early on weekdays, except for Wednesday’s when the office was open until 7 pm,  to be home in time to pick them up or shipping them directly to my office.

Anyways, these are a couple sites that I use in order to save on all my online purchases:


I’ve been using this site for a couple years now and it’s been pretty great to find coupon codes for many different online retailers.  All you have to do is type in the domain name.   Unlike some other coupon sites and forums, you can see the success percentage and generally how long the offer is for.

Ben’s Bargains

I’ve found this site especially good for electronic/computer related stuff.   What I like to check out is the discussion thread on each of the items.  You’ll find out if it’s really a good deal or not based on others’ opinions and sometimes, someone will put up a link to a better offer.

Coupon Cabin

I can’t say that I’ve actually Coupon Cabin much, but I have to give it a shout out since I know the designer who did their site.  They do seem like they have coupon codes that were directly given just for this site.


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