Do you like beer? Check out Hop Cast.

My buddy, Ken, and his friend, Brad, started back in August a new website/video podcast called Hop Cast.  Basically, they’re trying to promote various craft brews from all around.  So far, they have about 8 episodes and a couple specials (you’ll have to check out the Pizza Beer one which is pretty hilarious).  They’re also hoping to feature a couple brews from each state.  Last time I was in Chicago, I was able to pack a couple of each in my suitcase and get to Ken from the local micro-brews in Georgia: SweetWater, Terrapin, and Atlanta Brewing Company (since I know they are not distributed very far with all the mailing restrictions in the South).  He actually surprised me by giving me some brews from New Glarus Brewing Company in Wisconsin in return.  (Thank you, Kenny)  I find in each episode, other than introducing you to a few new beers that you’ve probably never heard of,  little tidbits of information about the brewing process, ingredients, packaging, etc that most people don’t know.  So check them out on facebook, iTunes, or their website:



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